Wednesday, July 5, 2017

June Book Review

This month was a GREAT month for reading. Switching to e-books has helped tremendously...I can now read while snuggling my sweet baby boy...I mean talk about the life <3

It's also helped that little man is now sleeping better at night...and in his own room!! This means I can now resume my nightly reading before bed #Yipee #ItsTheLittleThings

I read 3 books this month, and would have read 4 if I had been paying closer attention. I was almost done reading a book I had checked out from the library and since it was an e-book when it was due to be returned it automatically...UGH! Usually I will just finish reading and pay the late fee...but with Axis 360 (library app) it doesn't give you that option. Unfortunately, when I went to check it out again it had a hold on it...and not just a few estimated an 86 day wait #Boo However, I checked to see if it was available in paperback and luckily it was. It took me a few days to get to the library to pick it up...and by that time it was July #BookNerdProblems I have since finished the book, but you will just have to wait (on pins and needles I am sure) to hear my review :) 

We are now to the halfway point of 2017 (HOW DID THAT HAPPEN) and I am happy to report that I am actually ahead of schedule for meeting my goal of 24 books!

I go back to work in August, and I am hoping that I can still get in some reading...the beginning of the school year is always crazy and adding in a baby will be a new experience #WishMeLuck 

The first book I read this month was one of my favorites for 2017. I had never read any books by this author, but she had been recommended to me in the past...and luckily I was able to check this e-book out from the library without having to wait (most of the good e-books have long waiting lists!) 

This book is about a woman named Emma, whose husband died on their one year anniversary. After his death she moved home and tried to get on with her life. Several years later she is engaged to be married and finds out that her husband who was presumed dead is actually alive. The story follows her heartbreaking journey to choose between her first love and her fiance. 

The story seems kind of hokey, but trust wasn't. Going into it I expected to be annoyed by the story line and the main character, but the story is told beautifully. I would 100% recommend this book. I already have a few more of this author's books on hold at the library.

I love, love, love Lauren Graham. The only thing I love more than Lauren Graham is Lorelei Gilmore and Sarah Braverman. I was so excited to get my hands on this book...but then kind of disappointed. I had high expectations for this book, but it fell a little bit short for me. I felt like there was very little voice in her writing (can you tell I am a teacher?) I felt very disconnected from her as a writer and read through this book in what felt like a monotone voice. It was interesting to read about her acting past and experience on Gilmore Girls. I just have to say I was a tad disappointed overall.

This book...goodness! If you like suspenseful mysteries grab a copy right now! I had trouble putting this book down and even stayed up extra late (10:30PM!) to finish it. 

This book is about a woman who escaped an abusive relationship and took her young daughter and disappeared. Many years later her ex-husband (who had been in jail) is released and she begins to feel like she is being watched. Her new boyfriend is threatened, someone breaks into her home, and she is convinced it is her ex-husband. When she confronts him and involves the police her ex-husband swears it isn't him and that he has changed, but she isn't convinced. 

I was seriously on the edge of my seat the entire time I read this book! So many twists and turns that left me guessing and second guessing myself the whole time. 

Those were my books for June...

Benny and I are busy working on our July books and we will report back next month :)


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