Saturday, July 1, 2017

Life with Benny: A Day in the Life (3 months)

  Today was a pretty ordinary day, but it's days like this that I cherish because they are numbered... unforutunately summer break won't last forever and I will have to head back to work #BOO

Friday, June 30th, 2017

7:22 AM- B starts to stir and I check the monitor. He doesn't cry when he wakes up in the mornings, but since finding his voice he definitely uses it to it's full volume. Lots of "shouting" occurs and I head into his room to get him up for the day. 

Lately he has been greeting us with a big ol' smile...and it just melts my heart! I seriously look forward to him waking up in the mornings! AJ and I have an unspoken agreement that if we are both home to wait for the other one...because seriously, those smiles are not something we want to miss.

He smiles even bigger when I release him from his swaddle. He loves being swaddled up tight when he sleeps, but he sure loves being freed in the mornings :)

I get him out of his swaddle and change his diaper...He is full of smiles and there is lots of happy yelling, but like normal he puts his game face on the minute he sees my phone....the shiny apple on the back is very intriguing ;)

After changing his diaper I feed him in his room and soak up the morning snuggles. 

7:45- We head downstairs and he hangs out and listens to music in his Boppy while I make and eat my breakfast. Second to getting him up in the mornings this is my favorite part of our day. He loves music and when mommy sings to him he smiles and coos like crazy...I will enjoy that while I can, because one day he will realize how terrible mommy's voice really is.

8:10- We head to the living room for some tummy time and lots of talking.

8:30- I take him upstairs to try and get his monthly photo taken, but he is exhausted and can hardly stay upright. 

8:40- I decide to wait until after nap to take his picture, and change his diaper to get him ready for nap. I make some tea and grab a snack and head downstairs. 

8:55- He was super tired because he falls asleep immediately. He has been so great about sleeping in his crib for naps and at night, but I still snuggle him for at least one nap per day because I can ;) This stage (and my maternity leave) won't last forever so I want to soak up as many snuggles as I can.

He took an extra long nap and mommy caught up on her TV shows #WinWin

11:00- He wakes up and I take him upstairs to change his diaper and try to take his monthly photos again...

Daddy was working from home so he tried to help get a smile out of him... such luck :) 

While we were attempting pictures lil' man filled his diaper with a fun surprise, so I changed him and we headed downstairs to play.

He loves looking at himself in the mirror, so I used the selfie mode on my camera hoping to get some smiles out of him...he was concentrating much too hard for smiles though.

but don't worry...I eventually caught one :) 

11:50- We head upstairs for his afternoon nap. I change his diaper and swaddle him up tight! He is asleep almost immediately but when I put him in his crib he wakes up. He has been napping so great in his crib, but the last few days he has been fighting it so I scoop him back up and snuggle him a little longer. After he has been asleep for about 45 minutes I put him in his Rock n' Play hoping he will sleep for another hour at least. 

It works and he stays asleep for an hour and 45 minutes! Lil' man was tired! 

While he napped AJ and I had lunch and I took a shower and got cleaned up for the day. 

2:45- He wakes up, I change his diaper and feed him

This succession of photos cracks me up...he wasn't sure he was ready to get up :) 

He was all smiles after I got his diaper changed. 

3:10- I load him up in the car and we head to the doctor's office. He didn't have an official 3 month doctors appointment (so not shots thankfully) but since he started on reflux meds last month I made an appointment to meet with Dr. Foss and check in. 

He was perfect at the doctors' appt...he even smiled and cooed for Dr. Foss. We talked about how his meds were working and I told her that some of his symptoms were returning (gulping, raspy throat, sudden screaming, and fighting me while eating) and she said that since he has gained 2lbs in the last month we needed to up his dosage. This time knowing how much the meds have helped him I didn't shed one tear :) 

4:15- We leave the doctors' office and I run by McDonalds' to pick up a frozen drink for AJ and I. Ever since seeing a commercial last week I have been dying to try them!

The drive through line was long...and B had been patient enough so he proceeded to cry the whole time we waited...he prefers the car when it's moving ;) 

Good news...the crying was worth it because these puppies were DELICIOUS! 

4:50- We finally get home and daddy takes B upstairs to change his diaper and then we take him downstairs so he can nap...another snuggle sesh for mommy #IWontApologize 

He falls asleep almost immediately and we turn on an episode of Stranger Things

I had resisted watching this for months even after lots of people recommended it...I had no clue what it was about and I was sure I wouldn't like it...spoiler alert...I loved it :) 

6:00- Minutes after we finish watching the episode B wakes up #PerfectTiming, so I take him upstairs and change his diaper and try one last time to take his monthly photo.

He was completely OVER taking photos and I gave up on getting a smile out of him :) 

This one might be my favorite...he was mid-sneeze! 

6:15- I take him downstairs and put him in his bouncy chair and unload the dishwasher while AJ orders pizza for dinner. 

We hang out and play for about an hour...he seriously LOVES his bouncy chair. I have to fight his animals for attention. Monsieur Leon (the lion) and Ellie (the elephant) are his best friends :) 

7:20- We head upstairs to get ready for bed. I change his diaper, swaddle him, and feed him. He eats for an extra long time and falls asleep while nursing, which rarely ever happens. 

7:50- He is asleep so I put him in his crib and head downstairs to eat pizza and watch another episode of  Stranger Things. 

9:00- We only watch one episode and I am exhausted so we head upstairs to get the house picked up, let the dog out, and get ready for bed. 

9:25- I hear B rustling around and crying and I look at the monitor and see that his swaddle is coming I head up to his room to fix it. Usually we let him fuss around and he will fall back asleep, but the swaddle is almost over his face and this paranoid momma can't have that ;) 

When I get him up to fix his swaddle he is rooting around and acting hungry so I give him some of the bottle that I had just pumped. I have been trying to pump right before we go to bed so I don't have to get up in the middle of the night to pump...tonight that backfired ;) 

He scarfs down 2 oz in no time flat and is back to sleep and in his crib almost immediately #Phew

9:45- Once he is asleep I head back to bed and AJ and I are on our phones for a little bit before turning off the lamps and going to bed. 

*He still isn't sleeping through the night, so he ends up waking up at 3:30 and then again at 5:30...which isn't ideal, but it's better than it was. We are now getting 5-6 hour stretches of sleep out of him and compared to the 2-3, this is a win!


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