Thursday, August 17, 2017

Life Lately: July

Life Lately...what a blur it's been! July flew by much faster than I would have liked and here we are in August and trying to find our new normal...again! I started back to work last week and B started daycare for the first time. I meant to get this posted before heading back to work, but those last few days at home with my boy were just and my boy! I spent as much time with him as possible and even indulged in some snuggles during nap needless to say I didn't have much time to blog or do anything else #IDidn'tMind

Then I started back to work, blinked, and here we are :) I feel like July was pretty low key...and yet again I didn't get many pictures of any thing but's like he is the center of our world or something?

In July...

We celebrated Ben's birthday with a backyard BBQ...and I only remembered to take one photo #facepalm

We hosted a 4th of July get together with our friends and family

We enjoyed the unseasonably mild July temps! 

We put the lil' man to work...with daycare starting soon he needed to start earning his keep :) 

We celebrated our buddy Theo's 2nd birthday, and B tried out the pool for the first time. 

B an I flew to Ohio to visit Great Grandpa John and our cousins.

 We survived another round of shots...although, I am dreading his 6 mos shots already! 

We capped off the month with our anniversary <3

We started off with dinner at Main Event....

Headed to the arcade...

and ended with the Gravity Rope course, which I was not a fan of!

Not the most exciting month...but definitely a good one! 


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