Tuesday, August 8, 2017

#MarathonMonday: The Declaration

Yep...it's happening and today it's officially official...

I am running a marathon :) 

I signed up weeks ago, but haven't said much about it to anyone...because to tell you the truth I was scared. I was scared to make the declaration and HAVE to follow through with it. 

I did sign up for a full marathon that also has a half-marathon option and while I tell myself that if I am not ready I can always drop down to the half...but that's a lie. Once I say I am going to do something on this little ol' blog of mine it quickly becomes something I NEED to do ;) That's not saying I haven't failed at a few goals or not followed through with some of my plans...but when it comes to running and this race...it kind of feels like one of those things I will do just about anything to accomplish.

So there you have it...my declaration. I, Heather Smith, will be running a marathon...and not just any marathon...a post-baby marathon. So while I have run 2 marathons before this, I have a feeling this will be a brand new experience. 

Training for a marathon is hard...add in being a mom, going back to work full time, and maintaining my sanity...I think I am in for the ride of a life-time!

To some it may seem silly to throw this in the mix at this time in my life...but with running, it's the struggle and overcoming not only my fears, but the challenges that make it all worth it. I am sure there will be tears shed and moments when I want to quit...but there will also be those moments where I feel strong, proud, and accomplished....and when I cross that finish line and see my sweet baby, I have a feeling I am in for a whole new rush of emotions...

As with my last 2 marathons I will be documenting my journey here, each Monday...or Tuesday depending on how crazy life gets come Thursday when I head back to work. I have been throwing around the idea of doing a vlog instead or in addition to my weekly posts...but I am not sure. I tend to bite off more than I can chew and I can imagine editing videos each week may send me over the edge...so we shall see!

Until next week....