Wednesday, September 6, 2017

#MarathonMonday: Monday Schmonday

It's Wednesday...but feels like a Tuesday...and it's definitely not Monday...but welcome to my new normal ;) 

Each week I have good intentions of either writing this post on Monday or writing it over the weekend and scheduling it...and each week that it doesn't happen I just shrug it off and think to myself "maybe next week" full well knowing that it's a lie ;) 

I'm so sporadic and off schedule on these posts, I often sit down and don't even know where to begin. I could recap the week before...but if I am being honest I can hardly remember which days, how many miles, or how I felt while they would be extremely riveting recaps lol! 

This last week was a tough one for sure...lil' man wasn't sleeping the greatest and convincing myself to run was not an easy task. I ALWAYS feel better and more energized after a run (especially an early morning run) but reminding my zombie like self of that at 4 AM isn't always easy ;)

Luckily, we had a 3-day weekend and B took some pity on me and slept fabulously all weekend. I caught on up on some MUCH needed sleep AND it was my cut-back week so my long run only called for 8 miles.

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I was up around 5AM Saturday morning ready to pump and ready to run. I was going to run all 8 miles outside, but AJ has been having some shoulder pain that has been keeping him up at night so I took pity on him and ran the first 4 indoors so I didn't have to wake up (I always tell him I am leaving before an outdoor run, and put the monitor on his side of the bed) #WifeOfTheYear

The 4 miles on the treadmill were BRUTAL...I was congested and not feeling the greatest and being indoors was not helping. After finishing my 4 miles I almost called it quits, but convinced myself to get outside for at least a few miles...

Once I got going, the fresh air made me feel SO much better. Nothing fixes a head cold quite like fresh air and running! I was feeling so good in fact I decided to go for 10 miles instead of 8. I had cut a few runs short this past week due to time constraints so I knew I could use an extra couple of miles to hit my weekly mileage goal. I felt good in the beginning, but the last 2 miles of this run were pretty brutal...I'm not sure if it was all in my head (knowing I was only supposed to run 8) or if somehow my head cold got worse at that exact time. Either way...I survived to see another day ;) 

Having Monday off for Labor Day was nice because I could sleep in and run during the day. There is nothing better than a nap time treadmill session, especially when I have my book to keep me company! 

Lately, I have been logging most of my miles on the treadmill, and in years past I would have been cursing ol' Millie girls name...but nowadays I am just so grateful that I have it as an option. There is no way I would be able to put in the miles that I am, it is much easier on my body. I have found that although my weekly mileage has increased significantly, I am not experiencing the aches and pains that I usually do #SilverLining

I do miss running outdoors, and with fall weather headed our way I am going to be trying to get outside more. I would like to take B on some runs as the temperatures get cooler, but my weekday runs are usually no less than 6 miles and I am not sure a) he would last or b) I would survive pushing a stroller that long #StrollerRunningAintNoJoke

Until next time my friends....


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