Saturday, September 2, 2017

More appropriately named #MarathonMadness

Clearly #MarathonMonday isn't working for me....#MarathonMadness seems much  more appropriate, especially as I sit here at 4:30AM pumping and writing this post ;) 

I considered scrapping these posts altogether, but over the last few days my Marathon Monday posts from the Kansas City Marathon have been popping up on my TimeHop and I have loved going back and reading about my experiences while training for my first marathon. This time around the training has been VERY different...and I find it comical that 3 years ago I thought I was "tired" Of course the beginning of the school is always exhausting...but back then I came home after school and took naps, slept through the night, and only got up early a few mornings a week to run. 

 If the me of the 3 years ago could see my sleep schedule now, she would never complain again ;) Lil' man was doing phenomenally last week with sleeping and was consistently giving us 8 hour stretches and even a few nights of 9+ hours! However, for whatever reason (likely ANOTHER growth spurt) that changed...this past week he started waking up every 3-4 hours and was demanding to be fed. On top of all of this it was an extra busy week at work filled with early mornings and late nights....needless to say Friday night couldn't come soon enough. 

Last night I climbed into bed at 7:30...and was out by 8. B must have known how tired I was because last night he slept almost 9 hours straight and this mama got 8 hours! #INeededThat 

I am now gearing up to run my "long run" this week. I was very pleased to see that it only calls for 8's the ever appreciated cut-back week around here. I was going to run more since I have had to cut a couple of runs short due to time, but I am not feeling 100% so this break is MUCH needed!

I'm looking forward to getting this run done and moving on to enjoying the 3-day weekend with my lil' guy!


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