Thursday, November 30, 2017

Life With Benny: 8 Months

8 months old and more fun than ever! Can we just go ahead and pause time now?


He is still comfortably wearing size 3, and no longer wearing overnight diapers. We ran out and switched to his regular diapers for a few days and didn't have any issues or leaks so we stuck with that. We have signed up for a diaper subscription on Amazon and it has hands down been our best decision. They deliver a box of diapers each month (we can change sizes as needed) so I don't even have to think about it! Amazon Prime is seriously my best friend.


We officially had to retire all of his 6 mos sizes and it's looking like the 6-9 mos aren't far behind. He is still sleeping and napping in sleep sacks and wearing a size medium.

We bought him his first two piece pj set and I am officially obsessed. There is nothing cuter than seeing his chubby little belly sticking out of his shirt!  


There isn't much this little guy won't eat nowadays! He prefers to feed himself, so he isn't really a fan of the purees anymore. He still eats oatmeal and pureed fruit for breakfast, but for dinner we have been giving him little bits of whatever we are eating. He is a big fan of spaghetti, rice, black beans, and cheese. He had his first Mi Ranchito experience...and let's just say he is a fan ;)

He is still nursing in the mornings and evenings and taking about 3 bottles at daycare. He is easily distracted these days and pulls on my hair, lips, face, and anything I have in my hands while he eats...gone are the blissful days of snuggling while nursing ;)


He is still sleeping from about 8-6:30 every night, minus a few days there when he was battling a cold. After his cold it's been harder to get him to fall asleep on his own. Usually we just lay him in his crib at night and for naps and he will fall asleep...but more often than not these last few weeks we've had to rock him to sleep. I'm hoping we get back to normal soon!

He is quite the mover in his sleep nowadays...there are many nights he does a complete 180 in his sleep and ends up with his head at the opposite side of his crib. He also rolls to his side or his stomach most nights...and while I know it's okay, it makes this mama nervous to see him face down in his crib! 

Naps at daycare are so hit and miss. He was consistently taking a short morning nap...but over the last few weeks he is too interested in what the big kids are doing. He then takes an afternoon nap which varies in length just depending on the day. I pick him up around 4:00 every day and he takes another short nap at home till about 6:00. I was hoping to drop the evening nap, but since he isn't napping the greatest at daycare he is exhausted by the time we get home.

He naps like a champ on the weekends...his quiet, dark room definitely helps!


-He got his 2nd tooth and seems to be working on a top tooth. He has been a little fussier with these darn teeth...but for the most part it hasn't been too big of  deal.

-He is rolling like crazy...he isn't too interested in crawling (or being on his stomach for extended periods of time) she he will roll to wherever he needs to go.

-We started giving him table foods and puffs. He is definitely a fan of feeding himself and while more food ends up in his lap than in his mouth he is getting better.

-He is saying da-da pretty much all the time. From the time he wakes up in the morning until he goes to bed it's "da-da-da-da" I'm working on getting him to say "ma-ma" but no such luck!

-He drinks out of a sippy cup and from straws now...and doesn't like it one bit when you take his water away from him!

-He is big on mimicking sounds and he has started "barking" like the dog. When we play fetch with her she barks and he will "UH" right after she does. 

-He will now put his hands up and reach for us when he wants to be picked up or held. Nothing makes me happier than him reaching out for me to hold him!

-He is very snuggly these days. When you pick him up he will press his forehead into our faces/foreheads and he will lay his head on our shoulders.

-We got him a baby swing for our play set out back and he is a fan!


-He is still a big fan of Gracie and lately he has become obsessed with her tiny tennis balls. He grabs them and will fling his arms around and has even thrown the ball a few times. It's pretty much the cutest thing ever...however, Gracie is not amused. It's so funny because he wants so badly to put the ball in his mouth, but we tell him no every time...he will look at us after we say now like "are you sure?"

-He is still loving his books and his favorites are the ones that make sounds. He can turn the pages by himself and he will grunt and squeal as he looks at the pages. I love that he will choose to look at books over playing with any of his other toys. He is a little book worm, like his mama!

-Bath time is still a favorite for all of us. He is obsessed with his bath toys, especially Shelly they Sheep and Henrietta the Hen. One night we held up his toys 2 at a time and he chose which one he wanted...Henrietta and Shelly made it to the very end and when it came down to those 2 he just couldn't choose so he grabbed them both :)

-At the top of his Christmas list this year are boxes and solo cups...

-He love, love, loves going for walks and runs with mommy in his stroller, which makes me so happy!


- Being sick :( Poor guy battled a pretty rough cold this month and it was hard on all of us. He seriously never cries and there were several nights he would wake up around 1:00 AM screaming/crying. It took a long time to calm him down and get him back to was heartbreaking. We spent much of Thanksgiving break snuggled up in his rocker.

-He is not a fan of having something taken away from him. The little fits have begun!

-While he will eat basically anything, he doesn't seem to be the biggest fan of scrambled eggs. We have given them to him a few mornings for breakfast and he will eat a few bites and then eat around them.

-He doesn't seem to like wearing socks or shoes....seriously, I don't know how I will keep his feet warm this winter! Every time we put socks or shoes on him he takes them off within minutes. 


 This little candy thief helped hand candy out to all of our trick-or-treaters. I think he is excited about going out to get his own candy next year :)

He is seriously the BEST baby! When we are getting ready for work in the morning he will sit and play with his basket of toys forever!

He is still obsessed with this pillow....

We had several really nice days this month and Benny loved playing in (eating) the leaves.

We celebrated his first Thanksgiving...

 We started out with brunch at IHOP with Uncle Brian

Stuffed ourselves silly at Grammy and Poppy's 

And spent some time snuggling some of his favorite people

We put up our Christmas tree and he has been mesmerized by the lights and ornaments...we have to watch him pretty closely because he rolls himself over the tree if we aren't looking!

This month was full of fun for sure...but I have a feeling this next month will be the best yet!


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