Wednesday, January 31, 2018

January Book Review

These days I am reading more than ever...


however, 99% of the time this guy chooses the books...and let's just say we read a lot of the same books over and over...and OVER again :)

I can't say that I mind though...being a reader myself, it makes me so happy to see my little guy enjoying reading as much as I do...let's just hope he always has a love of books!

January always seems to be a pretty good month for me reading wise. The cold weather and my favorite shows being on winter break always ensures I will have a little extra time to read.

This month I read two books and I am so excited to share them with you!

The first book I read is one I have seen LOTS of rave reviews about. It was on the list for best books in 2017 on Goodreads and highly recommended by so many people. I had it on hold at the library for several months, but put a pause on the hold because I really wasn't excited about it. You see, I read Ng's book "Everything I Never Told You" awhile back and was less than impressed. It was painfully slow to get through (even though I liked the storyline) and I was afraid I would have the same issue with this book.

While I was not a huge fan of her other book...this one totally redeemed her in my eyes. I was immediately captivated by the Richardson family and their interesting dynamic. Shaker Heights is a town where everything is picture perfect and planned out, and when Mia Warren and her daughter Pearl come to town they immediately shake things up. The story (like so many of the stories I enjoy) starts at the end with the Richardson's house being on fire. The family is standing outside all talking about the youngest daughter and how they are sure she did it. The story slowly begins to unfold with a series of events that lead to this final scene.

Not only did I have trouble putting this book down, but the writing was exquisite. I felt connected to the characters and truly invested in the way things turned out. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised especially after my not so positive experience with her other book.

Oh.My.Word...I am not even really sure where to begin with this book. First of all, it almost felt like was several books all in one. I often felt like the book was almost over (despite the fact that I still had tons of pages left) and then bam it would start again. At times I felt as if the story were a bit disjointed and over-told...but then at other times I was completely enthralled in the story.

Lily and Ed are newlyweds and their marriage is FAR from perfect. Lily is a lawyer and takes on a convicted murderer and things don't turn out the way she planned. This single event spurs a chain of events that lead us through an extremely dark and twisty ride. I'm still on the fence on how I felt about it...I liked it...I would have liked some things to have been different, but I didn't hate it. Make sense? No? Please read this and let's chat ;)

I have already started my next book

This is the 4th book in the Winter Street (Trilogy?) I thought the last book was the final book in this series, and am thrilled that there is one more! I felt a little like there were some loose ends and I am hoping that this book ties them up for me. I am always on the fence about Elin Hilderbrand, but this series has always been one I have enjoyed.

I have a few books on hold at the library, but no guarantees on when they will be in the meantime I am on the lookout for good books to add to my "to be read" send any and all suggestions my way!


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