Thursday, February 1, 2018

Life With Benny: 10 Months

Double hardly seems possible! This month flew by in the blink of an eye and it seems like you changed from a baby to a little boy overnight! I'm still constantly torn between being excited to see what you become...and wanting to pause time!


We made the switch to Target's Up & Up brand and have been really happy with them so far. We went up to the size 4 (instead of buying overnight diapers) and we now use the size 4s full time. He has lots of room to grow into them...but we aren't having any leaks day or night, so we are going to stick with the 4s.


Lil' man is running low on clothing that fits. I swear he went to bed able to fit comfortably into his clothes and woke up a whole size bigger! He is wearing 9 mo stuff (snugly) and is most comfortable in the 9-12 mos clothing. I am putting off going through his closet...because it makes me sad :(


This little guy is still a champ when it comes to food. He will eat anything...and I mean ANYTHING. We were out celebrating a friends birthday and decided it was time to give him a lemon ;) While he did give us a pretty funny sour face...he actually reached for more.

He eats 2 breakfasts (3 if we are being honest) He nurses first thing in the morning and then has some mini-pancakes and sausage or ham here at home. He then goes to daycare and about 8:30/9:00 he has apple/pear oatmeal that we make here at home and pieces of what the big kids are eating.

He is now only taking two 5oz bottles at daycare, and eating lunch with the bigger kids. Lunch is usually a Gerber Bits meal. We make all his breakfast and veggies, but when it comes to pureeing meat, I'm out!

Dinner is always an adventure. He mostly eats whatever we are having and we have yet to find a meal he doesn't enjoy. Spaghetti and meatballs are still his favorite...but he also is a big fan of any Mexican dish. #Genetic


We seem to FINALLY be back on track with sleep. After the holidays and lots of sickness we had to do a couple "cry-it-out" sessions. I have always dreaded (and avoided) letting him cry...but we got to the point where he was just crying because he wanted us to come and get him.

We started with a nighttime session, and I was on pins and needles hating every second of listening to him cry. Luckily, it only took 8 minutes for him to settle down and go to sleep. He still woke up a few times in the middle of the night, but we again just let him fuss it out and he would put himself right back to sleep. I feel really lucky that he never cried more than 10 minutes at a time...because I can't promise I wouldn't have gone in to rescue him!

After a couple of days of torture (I'm slightly dramatic) he is now back on track with his sleep. He is going to bed now around 7-7:15 and sleeping until about 6-6:45 depending on the day. If it's a Saturday or Sunday he will wake up around 6AM, but during the week we have to wake him up at 6:45 so we can get him ready for daycare #OfCourse

Naps are home, but he is still struggling to nap very well at daycare. He is back to taking his morning nap, but not much more than 20-30 mins and a short afternoon nap. It doesn't make any sense to me because on the weekends at home his morning and afternoon nap are almost 2 hours. I think he doesn't want to miss out on the fun at Miss Judy's.


I feel like he has changed so much this month. Not a whole lot of "new" tricks, but he just seems older and less like a baby.

He waves and points at people, and even points at the pictures in his books.

He says "ma-ma" a little more these days...but "da-da" is still his favorite word. He is also babbling constantly. Lots of different sounds and different tones. He talks to himself a lot, and talks and points at pictures in his books.

He still isn't completely crawling, but he is up on all fours and taking a few steps (crawls?) forward before falling over and reverting to rolling.

This month he has mastered sitting up on his own. It was definitely a shock the morning I checked the baby monitor and saw him sitting in his crib just hanging out...we promptly lowered his crib after that!

He is trying to pull up on just about everything. He wants to stand, stand, stand! While he hasn't mastered getting himself to the standing position, he will stand and play for long periods of time if we get him there.

His two bottom teeth are completely in, and the top two have made their debut! We didn't even know he was "teething" with the bottom two...but those top teeth made themselves known!


There isn't a whole lot this sweet boy doesn't like. He has the best little personality and I am so grateful for his laid back, go with the flow self.


He is still a big fan of books and still chooses those over any other toy. We read him a book before bed every night and his face lights up when we walk him over to the book shelf and let him pick out a book.

He and Gracie are still best buddies...although, I am not sure she reciprocates the feelings. Now that he is moving around more she steers clear...he isn't the most gentle with his touches.

He loves being outside and going for walks/runs with mommy! The only problem is the weather isn't the warmest and he insists on taking his socks off and putting his feet up!

Second only to books is his tool bench that he got for Christmas from Grammy and Papa. He loves to "bam bam" with his hammer and put the shapes and the ball into the workbench.

Music is still a crowd-pleaser and I love watching him "dance" to the music. If I am holding him he will bounce up and down until I start to dance with him.

He still loves the bath and loves the chance to bathe in the big boy tub...daddy is a nervous wreck when we do this so it's only happened a few times...when dad is gone :)


Like I mentioned above, there isn't much our happy guy doesn't like. I would say the only thing that consistently ticks him off is riding in the car. He is not a baby who falls asleep during a car ride...and if it's much more than 15 minutes in the car he gets restless and fussy. Most of our car rides involve AJ driving and Benny and I in the back seat :)

I have said this every month...but it's true. Every day just seems to get better and better! This guy has added so much fun and laughter to our lives and I am loving seeing his little personality develop.


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