Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Olathe 10K Series: Race One

Race recaps aren't my thing. To be completely honest, once I cross the start line of a race I black out and don't come to until a few minutes after I cross the finish line. I suppose you could say "I'm in the zone" ;)

The Jadon Hope Bug run was no exception...and to top if off I didn't even really take any pictures.

This race was extremely nerve-wracking for me. I always get a little nervous before my races, but this one had me feeling extra crazy.

You see, this was my first "race" since before getting pregnant. I ran the Gobbler Grind Marathon back in November, but my goal in that race was to simply finish. When I signed up for the Olathe 10k Series my goals were big...I wanted to PR and I wanted to get back out there to prove to myself that I've still got it.

I had big plans going into training, and as usual, with mom life those plans quickly changed. Running and working out are important to me, but Bennett will always and forever come first...so needless to say there were many skipped or shortened runs/workouts and way less speed work than I had planned on.

So obviously I went into this race a little less prepared than I would have liked. While my A goal was to PR (47:18) I knew I was going to have to adjust my expectations a bit. A few weeks into training, I shifted my focus and started to work on simply gaining some of my speed back. My pace did in fact start to get faster and faster as the weeks went by, but I knew for certain going into the race that a PR was probably not in the cards. So I decided to focus more on my B goal, which was sub 50. 

I knew a sub 50 would challenge me, but wouldn't leave me feeling defeated (or dry-heaving on the side of the road) which is definitely a plus :) 

The weather unfortunately did not cooperate on race day and pre-race was less than pleasant...however, once we got started I could appreciate the cooler temps a little more. The course was great (from what I remember) it had a few hills, but nothing crazy and a big portion of the race was on a trail...which I am always a fan of! 

I pushed myself on several runs during training and always felt like I was going to die by the end, but during this race I felt pretty good the whole time. I didn't wear my watch so I had no idea my pace or where I was at until I rounded the corner and saw the finish line and realized that if I pushed hard enough I could meet my goal...

And I did...I managed to meet my B goal and run a 49:50...nothing like cutting it close! When I checked in at the results table they told me I finished 1st in my age group...but then later in the day when I checked the online results they had me in 2nd place? Either way, I am feeling pretty good about this first race and I am definitely looking forward to Garmin this weekend. I am going to keep my goal at a sub 50...and hope that I can shave a few seconds off. 


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