Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Life with Benny: 15 months

Sweet, sweet, summertime...if only you could last forever! Summer break is officially half way over and I am already dreading the day I have to take this sweet guy back to daycare. 

We have been having the BEST time spending our days together...with a few days of "is it bedtime yet?" thrown in here and there...but all in all we have been loving all of this extra time together. 

I've said it time and time again, and I am sure I will say it again but, this age just may be my very favorite. He is experiencing things for the first time, learning new things every day, and he always keeps me laughing. 

It's been amazing how much this kid has picked up on since being home with me over the summer. His vocabulary is insane...he has too many words to count. He can say just about any word (he is a parrot for sure) but what blows my mind is his recognition of these words...he spends the majority of his day pointing at things and naming them. His favorite thing to do is point at Gracie and say "pup-pup" He is such a curious little guy, and when he doesn't know what something is he will point at it and say "dat?" and look at us intently as we tell him the word for it. They say little kids are sponges and that is no lie. It seems like he learns something new every day...there are times AJ and I look at each other in disbelief because we have no idea where he learned it. 

I'm so grateful that I get to be home with him during this time because watching his little mind work is so, so, fun! 


Eating is pretty much the same these days. He isn't too picky and will generally try (and like) just about anything. Sometimes he is slow to try it and I will wipe whatever it is on his lips and once he gets a little taste he goes for it. 

He has gotten into quite the breakfast routine. He wakes up talking about "nanas" and waffles. Most mornings he will eat an entire banana and a waffle. Some days we switch it up and give him a blueberry pancake, but in his world it's still a waffle. 

We cut out the morning bottle so that has led to a little more urgency (in his mind) to get breakfast started ;) He gets a sippy cup of milk with all of his meals and he calls it is "ba-ba" 

Lunches are pretty kid friendly and easy around here. Ham, cheese, peanut butter and jelly, grilled cheese, leftovers from the night before, and his beloved beets. He is still OBSESSED with "bits" and asks for them at every meal. 

Dinners are usually a little bit of what we are eating mixed with carrots, beets, chicken nuggets, ham, cheese, pretty much whatever we have on hand.

For snacks he is still loving goldfish, veggie straws, applesauce pouches, and new this month is "cooks" which are vanilla wafers. I would say "cooks" are a close second to his beets...he would live on cooks and bits if we would let him :) 


Sleep was tricky this month. At the end of May he got his very first ear infection and while he continued to sleep through the night (hallelujah), he started having more trouble falling asleep. For about a week I was having to rock him completely to sleep for naps and bedtime. 

Naps were a nightmare for about 2 weeks. I tried to keep him on the 2 nap a day schedule and he was having so much trouble falling asleep that we decided to give the 1 nap a day thing a try and it worked! He has transitioned beautifully and naps for about 2 hours a day (12:30-2:30ish) and the best part is it opens up our day a little bit so we can get out and do fun things in the morning before lunch. 

He has been pretty particular about who puts him to bed, and if I am home it has to be me. He however does great when I am not home. It seems like he was going through a little separation anxiety for a few weeks, but luckily we seem to be getting out of that funk.

We also took a trip to Ohio this month and I was a little concerned about how he would sleep in a pack in play away from home. He slept in a pack n' play at daycare for naps, but other than that it's at home in his bed.

He, like usual, surprised me and slept like a champ the entire time we were gone. He went down for naps and bedtime easily. He was a champ and easily went with the flow when his schedule was flipped upside down.


This guy absolutely loves being "ah-side" and despite the heat we have been trying to get outside as much as possible.

Sometimes we take shelter in the play set "clubhouse" and cool down with a popsicle. This guy loves a popsicle and it has helped with teething as well. Lil' man got his first molar this month and while he had his hands in his mouth a little more we honestly had no idea until the tooth popped through. He is really such a trooper.

After a particularly big storm we headed down the street to check on Uncle Brandon and Aunt Caitie's trampoline (because they were out of town) and after making sure it was still in the yard, we had to make sure to test it out to make sure it was okay ;)

At the beginning of the month lil' man got his first ear infection (thinking it may have been caused by that molar) and we had to go to make a trip to the doctor...and what a trip it was. In the car on the way over someone dirtied their diaper...little did I know that we were dealing with a poo-slosion. Once we got checked in at the front desk we headed to the bathroom for what I thought would be a routine diaper change, only to find that there was poop all down the side of my shirt and all over his pants.

Unfortunately I did not pack a change of clothes (for either of us) and we ended up sitting in the waiting room (while they dealt with computer issues) with poop all over me and a pantless baby. I'm sure people thought we were crazy...

We took our first trip to Deanna Rose, and it is safe to say he LOVED it! He is a big fan of animals and he loved getting up close and personal...although the goats may have been a little too aggressive for his (and daddy's) liking ;)

After Deanna Rose we headed to our favorite spot, Red Robin, and Benny ordered from the kids meal for the first time. He surprised us both by eating almost all of his grilled cheese and more fries than we could count...he then followed it up with part of the chocolate milkshake! We have another Red Robin fan on our hands.

Did I mention this kid likes to be outside? It doesn't matter what we are doing as long as he can be outside he is happy.

Most of the summer has been disgustingly hot and humid, but we had a weekend of beautiful weather that we did not waste! We took our first (and definitely not last) visit to the Arboretum. Benny was a BIG fan of the train garden. He could have stood there all day!

He also loved the bridge and looking into the water at the "Ter-tulls" He had everyone around us "ahhing" and laughing with his excitement.

We met up at the park with our buddy Brooks and his mama. It's so fun having teacher friends with kiddos around the same age. These two boys are going to have a lot of fun together in the years to come!

We bought a pool on Amazon and Benny and his cousins immediately had to try it out. He love, love, loves the water.

Diaper boxes offered hours of entertainment this month. Anything that isn't a toy is his favorite :)

Aunt Jenni came in town to visit for the annual "Hoodstock" celebration

Benny loved hanging out with family and enjoyed being outside.

He even got to hang out with his Aunt V, and this boy was thrilled about it...he is pretty obsessed with his auntie.

Pool dates with friends aren't complete without popsicles.!

We decided to bring back our "Ice Cream Sunday" tradition and our first stop was Tropical Snow (technically not ice cream, but it counts)

He was very serious about his sno-cone

He did not want to share and he wanted to "do it himself"

This month walking just clicked, and we now have a full time walker who still occasionally looks as if he has had a few too many drinks. Now that he can walk confidently, watch out...he is on the move and isn't slow.

He still loves to "build build" with his Duplo blocks, although he always knocks down my creations.

If it's not a toy it tends  to keep his attention a bit longer. A parmesan cheese container and straws definitely did the trick.

A few years ago I bought the girls a ball pit, and they girls were so sweet to let Benny borrow it. He absolutely loved it and spent most of the time trying to knock the tent over... #Boys

Speaking of toys that aren't really "toys"...Benny discovered one of Gracie's toys. "Pup-Pup" now belongs to Benny.

The hot weather forced us to get creative with our activities so we decided to go to Cabela's, and it was a hit. Benny loved all of the animals and the chance to walk around, explore, and growl at all the bears.

He celebrated Father's day by painting his face with BBQ sauce and not taking one picture with daddy #Doh #Fail

Puff balls and empty containers offered us HOURS of entertainment this month!

And it's always a good day when mom let's you have "cooks" for snack and watch your favorite show "Dorta"

He is a fearless little guy and LOVES the water. We bought an inflatable pool and spent many afternoons swimming and blowing bubbles in the water (aka drinking it)

We tried painting with water...and I say tried because despite how it looks in these pictures it was a disaster. He was drinking the water off of the paintbrush, painting his feet, the floor, his head, and then spilled the cup of water all over the floor. It may be awhile before we try this again ;) 

Benny and I took a solo trip to Deanna Rose and he worked on his walking skills. We didn't stay long, or see much...but it is always nice to get out.

We went to Olathe's  "Fourth Friday" and enjoyed the food trucks and live music. It wasn't anything to write home about...but Benny LOVED dancing with Grammy. He didn't want to be put down or to be taken off the "dance floor"

We took our first visit to Deanna Rose with Papa, who has been waiting forever for this. I'm not sure who had more fun...Benny or Papa ;)

We spent some time at the library this month

Visited the shop ("op") a time or two and each time Benny insisted that Grammy show him every.single.thing. and our visits always ended with a ride on the forklift.

We took advantage of a cooler morning and mommy took Benny on a run and we stopped at a few parks along the way.

He discovered bridges and we spent at least 30 minutes looking down at the water and yelling bridge...which unfortunately sounds more like "bitch" than bridge

Another "Ice Cream Sunday" enjoyed by all!

We had a fun play-date with our friends and a chaotic session of "group photo" lol!

We went to a Summer Sensory event with our buddy Brooks and had the BEST time making a mess...that luckily mommy didn't have to clean up!

Brooks' mommy had to go up to school for an interview so we got to have a morning play date with Brooks. These two were seriously so cute sharing their toys.

Benny rocked his 2nd flight...I mean seriously...he got compliments from other passengers and flight attendants as we got off the plane. He was definitely squirmy and wanted down...but he didn't fuss or cry once!

Reunited with his favorite person...Grandpa John <3 All of the grandkids and great-grandkids have been afraid of Grandpa John -he likes to pick on the kiddos ;), but Benny LOVES him. Two peas in a pod that is for sure!

Grandpa John and Grandma Kathy got the kids some popsicles and Benny made sure to enjoy one every night.

It was a busy month with lots of fun and travel. Next month we will be soaking up what is left of our summer break before it's back to reality.


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